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Borough technology is as crucial to travel as air and water are essential to life. We are among the world’s largest software companies. We were Big Data long before that was a buzzword. We created the world’s largest digital market when Amazon was just a river in Brazil. What began as a joint venture between American Airlines and IBM to create the world’s first computerized airline reservation system in 1960 has evolved into a technology ecosystem that touches nearly every stage of your travel experience.

We have seen and done it all and came together to begin Borough because we think on the web for everybody. We can help you begin a personal or business blog/site, a place to display your hobbies, provide advice to others or merely to share personal stories, videos, and pictures.

The web is a superb place to be and create new connections from all areas of the world or just your own neighborhood. Buy, sell, share your hobby fire or simply educate and entertain. We want you to be a part of it, and we can enable you to get there with our useful resources and simple to follow step-by-step Free guides.

After we get there, do not forget to check back for information, information, social media and marketing articles that will help you navigate the digital highway. Bookmark us, like us, follow us and we will be your digital information resource. When you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

An innovative technology company that leads the travel sector by helping our clients succeed.